the eats report #1.

Some really tasty eats so far this week. I already showed my risotto, which was really yummy, but is not the only good thing so far. As I’ve said, the cheesecake was an epic eat as well but there have been some other big news eating on my part. There are quite a few as I’m just starting to eat more.

Firstly, I’ve been eating so many nuts. All the different nuts. Pecans and walnuts are my favorite right now. They make me feel ok as they are so calorific and fatty, but also entirely healthy and good for you and low G.I. (though I should stop thinking like this – it’s entirely disordered). They’re also so dense and you can add them to almost anything and really up the calories for the day. Nuts are so tasty as well. I’ve been having really great porridges and yogurt based evening snacks with nut butters and nuts in them. Getting up the calories whilst feeling positive and not getting too full is difficult. Nuts seem to be the key. Especially with dried fruit. I had this really good porridge the other day made with only milk, no water at all (hard for me) and 3 figs, 3 dates, 4 apricot pieces, 3 prunes and 20g walnuts with a little honey on top. It was so nice and 623kcals, so really helpful as not too big. The dietician tells me I crave dried fruits and nuts because I’m craving fats and sugars (a.k.a. energy). Really yummy though. All nuts and all dried fruit makes for vastly improved eating.

Secondly, I’ve had some chocolate chunk briochettes. It has been so long since I last had brioche and they are so tasty. I didn’t even look at the ingredients or nutritional information so I have no idea how healthy they are but I’m trying not to care and enjoy them for their taste and texture. Brioche is really nice – it doesn’t matter if they are salty or fatty or anything (I need salt and fat anyway). Maybe I’ll make some for myself as I’ve never made it before and I really love baking. I topped one I had with banana and honey then grilled it and it was really tasty, but not as tasty as the one I had for breakfast which I warmed in the oven then topped with hazelnut butter (always nuts lolz). Chocolate chunk briochettes = thumbs up (thank you partyring).

Oh and thirdly, yesterday I had pasta for lunch (big deal – it’s a dinner food not a lunch food) and it was really good as well. Fresh pasta is something I find quite difficult as it doesn’t tend to be whole wheat. However, I made a really fresh chilli prawn reginette with spinach and cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas and it tasted really good. Was a difficult meal though as I was in a rush and having uncomfortable eats. I ended up shaking and panicking a lot, which was a shame as the food itself was lovely. Lunch is always hard though.

Chilli Prawn Reginette with Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes and Sugar Snap Peas

Fourthly, M&S rich fruit loaf = really really good snack food. I had two slices, buttered (with flora, but still – huge deal, I added fat!) topped with a sliced plum and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon then grilled. This was one of my favorite eats so far. Recommended to all.

Next is fats! Who’d have thought I’d ever think this. Olive oil is actually really important in cooking and makes food so much nicer. I’m putting olive oil in all my cooking now (granted miniscule amounts – 1/2 tsp – but still, massive improvement). Food tastes so much better when fried in oil and not boiled in water. Definitely. And I’m spreading flora on bread now. It makes it so much easier to get the calories if I use fats, and they do make food nicer. Definitely pleased that I’m starting to address this major fear. Really pleased.

And my last tasty eat treat this week is yogurt breakfasts. I’m shaking up my meal plan set by the dietician and now I’m having yogurt and fruit as part of my breakfast again. I even got activia vanilla pouring yogurt which is really yum instead of milk (and has more calories!). It’s just so much fresher than what I was eating before (cereal with milk and toasted stuff with butter and jam or nut butter) and isn’t as cloying. Really prefered right now, especially in the heat. It also means that I have more choice later in the day as right now I feel like I have to have at least two probiotic yogurt pots a day (ridiculous and disordered I know) so it means I have more choice at snack times. All round goodness. Plus the dietician thinks it’s really good that I’m shaking up the meal plan a little – it means I’m loosing a little rigidity which is a really positive step. I mean, I have been eating the same foods for like six weeks, it’s about time I learnt to branch out a little. Plus I have to in order to up the calories a little.

There have been less good eats too though. I had banana and peanut butter porridge last night and I just really didn’t enjoy it. It was way to sweet and really cloying. It was really sickly – not to my liking at all. I know loads of people love this combo, but it really doesn’t do it for me at all. Ergh, just thinking about it makes me nauseous. I think it was the banana though as I love peanut butter in porridge.

Also, the carrot pita. I needed to add calories to a lunch so decided to have 75g of carrot in my pita. Worst mistake ever. Two whole grated carrots – I couldn’t even taste the hummus or tzatziki! It was awful. Never again will I pick a low-calorie food to up my intake a bit. It was literally only carrot. If I’d just added more hummus it would have been fine. I didn’t realise how much carrot 75g was. Learning curve on that meal.

Lastly, cornetto enigmas. I’ve been having these everyday for dessert as they feel safe to me and are only 180kcals. I am so bored of cornetto enigmas and I need to find better desserts, but am struggling to find anything. Help here would be useful. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. They are tasty but I really need more variety. I’m so bored, but it does make me comfortable to always know what’s coming.

And then there’s the unsures. I’m going to have to start eating meat with my family at some point. I had a chicken breast this week and it make me really really uncomfortable. I don’t like eating meat and find it really scary, but it is an easy way to up my calories. I am undecided about this as it makes me way to tense. Ethical and disordered thoughts play a part and I don’t know whether to listen or not. Difficult for me. Hmm.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Progress, but slow x.



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5 responses to “the eats report #1.

  1. Sam

    The banoffee GU pots that you got me were amazing, I 100% recommend!


  2. Sophs

    Ellie, have you tried Rachel’s Organic Yoghurt Coconut? You can get it in a big pot it’s my favourite of all the yoghurts. It could be tasty with some nuts added in too- but you’re much better at putting things together than me so if you find anything extra tasty please let me know xx

    • I have tried it and it is really really yum, but at the moment I can’t have big pots, have to have the small ones. Can’t be trusted to serve myself enough :S. Trust me I have so many tasty things, but desserts are the hardest. They are supposed to be around 200kcals and no dessert worth it’s salt is that low calorie. Have you had the rachel’s breakfast pots though? All granola and yogurt, plus extra good if you add blackberries. x.

  3. justwanttolivemylife

    Just found your blog didn’t know you had one :D yaaay!
    Also, I loveee the M&S rich fruit loaf, soo good toasted and spread with raspberry jam too! xx

  4. I’m working my way up your blog and really enjoying it, you’re doing brilliantly. As for pud, I always have a scone after dinner and then a Milkyway/fudge/piece of big Toblerone (sp?) later on for a chocolate fix. Not sure how many calories are in scones though (Please don’t tell me, I need to stay oblivious!) but they hit the spot for me x

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