the eats report #2.

This may seem a little out-of-place at the moment, but except for the past few days there have been some really good eats this week. I made some really yummy dinners, but also some less good things too I guess.

Every Monday I go to Costa with the mama before grocery shopping for my afternoon snack. Generally, I always have the honey yogurt granola pot thing as it feels pretty healthy and tastes really nice and has nutritional info on the packet. This week though, I had the banana & pecan breakfast loaf! That was really kind of exciting for me (really lame I know). It was fantastic though, and still felt pretty healthy so I didn’t get too much guilt. I think I enjoyed it quite a bit, and from now on I think I’m going to try to have a different thing each time I go so I can see which of their treaty bits is the best one. It’s weird though because I don’t really have tastes when it comes to food. Everything I like is dictated by nutritional information. So we’ll see – maybe I’ll find out I really love chocolate muffins, or maybe I’ll really like granola bars the most. Who know’s? It’s kind of weird not having tastes.

Moroccan inspired turkey salad – really really good.

Secondly, I had a really successful meat dish this week (though it was still really safe) – moroccanish-harissa turkey steak-pomegranate couscous-salady thing. It was really really tasty though. I coated the turkey in 1/2tsp harissa paste and 1/4tsp olive oil (this is a massive deal) and I griddled it so it was all smokey. Totally great though. And the couscous with the pomegranate! Oh my gosh. This was my favorite meal this week I think. Really really good. And a successful meat! That I really enjoyed! Even though it was only turkey, I felt quite proud at the time. Recommended to all (except you veggies though I think it’s work well with tofu if you bake it first so it’s not too wet).

Lentil Bolognese – real comfort foodage.

Next really good eating I have been having is veggie versions of meals. The famo really don’t like vegetarian meals – they are really keen on meat at every single part of the day. This week I’ve been making veggie alternatives of things they like, and that was really fun. Lentil Bolognese was really fun and ended up tasty as anything, but a little like childs food. I really enjoyed it though – it tasted a little bit like tinned soup, but nice tinned soup. The Dad almost ruined it though by putting moldy parmesan on mine, I had to scrape it all off, losing a lot of the dish. I also had three bean chilli which is my ultimate fave chilli seriously. And I know it’s not exactly the same style as this but I made super beans on toast. It was haricot bean mash, all garlicy and herby on garlic toast with grilled mediterranean vegetables. That was really yummy I thought, though the famo weren’t so sure. But lots of good eating on the veggie front.

Also, I had sweet potato! I literally haven’t had sweet potato in so long as all potato-y goods kind of scare me (tend to have lots of added fats, plus normal potatoes are really high G.I.). I made baked sweet potato wedges and squash and sweet potato mash. Sweet potato is soooo good. Why haven’t I been eating this? I’ve missed sweet potato.

Not an attractive dish, but I make a mean three bean chilli!

Generally at the end of a day I’m still well below my calorie targets so I tend to have these mini-feasts (though not right now ):). These are literally so good and although not new this week are one of my favourite things to eat at the moment. Generally its super granola. I get to have loads of honey nut granola with full fat natural yogurt or semi skimmed milk, a ton of honey, so much dried fruit (especially figs – they are my favourite) and fresh fruit and a whole load of nuts and it ends up sooo tasty, and totally healthy whilst entirely calorie dense (always craving dried fruit and nuts – sugars and fats). It’s my favourite thing to eat right now as I feel like it’s just such an indulgence.  Sometimes they reach up to like 1,000kcals (I’m terrible at eating enough during the day). Completely aces.

Super granola – the tastiest mess of a meal.

Last really good eats this week were from the Sainsbury’s shop. I had the Notoriously Nutty Hazelnut yogurt which was less good than I’d hoped but still really yummy. It had lots of nutty chunks and was really thick and tasty. Plus I sliced up a peach to use as a spoon and that was literally the best thing. This is a really nice product and everyone should try it. I also got a Nakd Cashew Cookie bar. I’ve never had a Nakd bar before which is a surprise as they are a total health nut food (completely raw, gluten-free, low-fat etc.) All it has in it is cashew and date all smushed up into a bar. I really enjoyed that especially and I will try the other flavours too!

On the bad side of things though, I also have quite a few things. The worst thing this week is Belvita fruit and fibre breakfast biscuits. I brought them as I thought they’d be a nice change to cereal bars but I was entirely wrong. They are dry and taste so fake and horrible. I really hate them so much, but now I have a whole box to get through. And I really don’t want too but I hate food waste. They are an awful idea though.

Next is activia pouring yogurt. It is way too thin and way too low-calorie and just not very nice. It’s kind of ok mixed into porridge, but not really with anything else. Proper full fat natural yogurt is much better. Again, it just feels like another gimmick – plus now I’m using it to get away with having fewer calories which is completely awful. I don’t think I’ll get this again, it’s too easy to manipulate and not even nice. Bad bad buy.

Also, oat-so-simple sachets. Right now I’m having two a day because they are pre-portioned and really low-calorie and I can add less milk to them than cereal. They are doing me badly. They feel so safe and comfortable, but they are boring. I only eat the plain ones, though occasionally I let myself have a cinnamon one (the two lowest calorie varieties). Again, calorie manipulation and totally boring. The sachets are just too small for what I need and if made with barely any milk and not loaded with nut butters and dried fruit and nuts, they are utterly rubbish. There is literally no reason to eat these – real oats with different flavourings added every time is much better. Just need to get there.

Finally, this isn’t really an eat thing, more of a not eat but really bad. The date and oat smoothie I brought I didn’t even try. I freaked out and threw it in the bin. Now I regret it as I felt so guilty and like I missed out on something I’ll probably really love. That makes me sad.

Really though, I’m struggling a bit. I’ve got so good at low-calorie cooking I find it hard to think of dinner and dessert meals that reach my target of 700kcals. If any ones has any ideas for this let me know. I’ll give them a go and maybe even report back.

So that’s where I’m at with my eats at the moment. Really soon I hope I can have honey and peanut butter crumpets. We’ll see.



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6 responses to “the eats report #2.

  1. Well done you! looks like you had some damn fine eats in there :-) I especially like the sounds of your super granola bowls, what a good way to (healthily) get a bucket load of cals into a nightime snack… but wouldnt it be easier to spread them out during the day? this is what im trying to do at the mo, cos im sooo bad at planning my eats. I dont get as hungry during the day and im always so busy at work, so i always “save” cals for the evening, when i feel more relaxed and comfortable and able to eat. its not good cos know i end up eating lots at night and feeling bad about it (not to mention having to go to sleep on an uncomfortably full belly!)

    I get the same about not wasting food. but if its leading you back into ED habits, then ditch them! its better to waste abit of food than to waste alot of time and effort dragging yourself back out of the grips of the ED! I find i get like this with certain safe foods. its like i am scared of branching out, i always stick to the same things and even then i dont really get enough. i desperatly want to get up to a decent amount of cals, but i struggle each and every day, sticking to whats easy and safe cos im too chicken to face the fear of change :-(

    low cal cooking is always gonna be inbuilt in you now, so you need to challenge it by just trying to add more bulk to meals, butter, olive oil, high cal sauces etc…

    Good luck! x

    • I know it would be so much easier but I always feel like I’m over doing it if I eat more earlier. If I eat too much too early I might have to over-eat in the evening (though this would just be totally ED subjectivity), so I save them up too. It really isn’t so good and I do want to address it, but at the moment it’s more important to get the calories in any way I can. It is a terrible habbit though, and not something I want to get too used to. Maybe I should just plan my huge snack and then swap it with a different one, just to get used to it. It is rubbish sleeping with horrible bellies – everynight I hug my hot water bottle. It’s nice that it’s not just me being weird though.
      They are super horrible, but throwing food away fills me with guilt. I get what you mean about sticking to safe and easy though because it means you just have to eat so much food. If I could just eat a bloody potato, but no, I have to eat mammouth amounts of brown rice instead. Right now though, I just have to take my time a bit and not freak out. There’s going to be a lot less fear foods this week I think. All about getting the calories, any way I can. Hell, if I only eat lettuce it’s fine – as long as it’s 2,500kcals of lettuce (which I think might being impossible).
      The thing is I absolutely love cooking and really thought that being able to eat more foods would mean I could have all these great meals, but I’ve got so good at making dinners absolutely huge and only 200kcals and really tasty that now I finfd it hard to cook in any other way. Bulk isn’t the issue, it’s fats and sauces. Really struggle there. Also, I used to have really selective eating before ED so all the foods I love the most I’d never even tried before so now all the foods I love are conviniently low calorie.
      Still, I’m getting there – barely x.

  2. Mark Sinden

    Belvita fruit and fibre things huh? Taste more like gritty cardboard?

    Turn them into flapjacks. Crush them to rolled oat size/texture, and use in place of the oats in a standard flapjack mix.
    Or how about crush them … and make a base for a few individual sized cheesecakes? You could probably come up with something using the yoghurt to replace milk in the topping.
    Final idea – crush and use as the topping for a stewed fruit crumble.

    In all cases add spices to them to make them taste better, and (here’s the tricky bit) a bit of butter and sugar to stop them tasting of cardboard.. Muscovado sugar has loads of extra nutrients, as does treacle, and will help a lot with the flavour of the cardboard-gritty-cereal-bars-from-hell.

    The best cereal I’ve got to hand at the moment is from Aldi supermarkets – their fruity porridge with sultana, apricot and sunflower seeds. Make up in the microwave with 250 ml milk and a teaspoon of muscovado :)

    • Definately cardboard, but cardboard infused with orange squash, Definately awful. I like you’re ideas though, but don’t really know how close I am to eating those things. Cheesecake! Butter! I could maybe use honey though… But I think they’d make seriously awful flapjacks. They aren’t just plain cardboard, but sickly. I might have to just bin them they are that bad.
      Thanks for the porride recommendation, I’ll give it a look soon. Just got to get through my stupid sachets first. ED food is the worst.

  3. scrunch scrunch scrunchyyyyyy!
    can i just say the lentil bolognaise: looks drop dead gorgeously yummy :O i think i believe you when you say you make amean bean chilli hehe :D that supe granola- i need that recipe its gorgeous, except i will have to check ingredients. actually can i have the one to that lentil bolognaise aswell?
    you must be an amazing chef! is that something you wanted to do when you were younger, or were you just a fan of creating in the kitchen?
    wow costa coffee wooo.banana and pecan breakie loaf sounds amazing, next time have BOTH that and the granola ;) yeah thats a good idea, cant wait to see whats on the agenda for costa next hehe.chocolate muffins and granol bars yuuum. i love flapjacks and sandwiches from there- look so appetising haha :D
    moroccanish-harissa turkey steak-pomegranate couscous-salady thing WHERE FROM and do they do one without meat?1/4 tsp EVOO- what did we say about increasing this, i have 2 tbsp lol it helps digestion and absorbtion of correct nurtients as well as lowering cholestrol and stuff!. isnt pomegranite totally divine! lol its my favourite meal of the week too and i havent even ate it, just saw your photo :Ptofu- havent had that since this indian wedding i went to last year, it was a spinach and tofu curry , sounds wierd but it was lovely. and first time i had tofu too. i wonder is it cheese or what lol. oh did you make that meal yourself then? i SERIOUSLY NEED THAT RECIPE TOO!

    omg my family ate meat every day too, chicken on meat with pasta or rice bleurgh it was cooked different everyday with different sauces and tasters but still.. Tlentil blogniase sounds fun ! good you enjoyed it but tinned soup?! yuck parmesan on lentils?! woooooow-. haricot bean mash, all garlicy and herby on garlic toast with grilled mediterranean vegetables, so you made that up yourself too. are haricot beans the white ones? you have inspired me to try and eat more veggie stuff now :P

    sweet potato *huge hugs!!* i used to love it and i really want to have one with feta cheese crumbled in it but i cant bring myself too :/

    mini feast- gotcha on that one, so today i had 900 cal breakfast haha. wow that granola is amazing- have you tried fresh figs? they are 3 for 50p tesco at the moment!1000 cals for that? wow, give me the reicipe!

    i have TRIED notoriously nutty sainsbutrys yoghurt and its amazingg!!omg you liked the nakd bar- i think they are grosse lol. every one to their own :P

    so is the regular belvita good? way past my budget so i dunno lol :P

    put the activia pouring yoghurt with milk and ice cream to make a banana milkshake! thats a way to use it, my dad loves it but i dont really want to have any. pouring yoghurt :S no thanks..

    throw those stupid oat-so-simple sachets out. OR mix it with weetabix, hot milk and spoons of peanut butter = <3!! why get them anyway like you said real oats are much better. have you ever tried 2 weetabix with 30g ready break and hot milk?! walnut and honey and boom its amazing.

    noooo you shouldnt have threw the smoothie out. date and oats are SO healthy its unbelievable both increasing metabolism and lower cholestrol, blood pressure!

    i had a 1000 calorie breakie- well 900 but i had the extra milk afterwards. 50g branflakes and muesli, 7 tbsp crunchy oeanut butter, i just sit and eat it lol, 3 dried dates, pear and 300ml milk. (200 to drink).

    WOOOOOO you had the crumpets with pb and honey!! thats 2 of you i got on them :D

    • Could have sworn I replied to this before – I rememeber writing it.
      Lentil bolognese is totes yum. The soup thing – it doesn’t really taste like soup, but kind od like child’s food. In a good way though – really comforting. I can give you recipes if you like. Do you reckon I should just put a recipe page up on here? Or is that too self-indulgent? Hmm. Super granola isn’t really a recipe though – it’s more of a throw everything together and hope for the best. I do really like cooking – but never wanted to be a chef or anything. More just homemaker urges. I love cooking for other people, big home cooked affairs and dinner parties and stuff. I just find it really fun and in a way, soothing.
      Don’t think I could handle two treats in one sitting yet – I’m still struggling with just one. I love their granola bars though so I might buy one next time and save it for later. 2 in one day is doable I think. Next time you go, get the flapjacks and sandwiches – if they look appetising I bet they’re amazing. I can’t really get sandwiches out though because they usually have cheese.
      I made the harissa turkey, seriously good if I do say so myself. I know I should have more olive oil but at least I’m using olive oil and not water. I mean, I never thought I’d fry with oil at all. It is so good for you though. The tofu spinach curry doesn’t sound weird, it sounds so lovely. Defos not a cheese – couldn’t eat cheese as you know. Is it like cheese though? Is that what cheese is like? Hmm.
      I know it’s so annoying when the family only eat meat, I just don’t feel like I can join in. Yeah I made the mash myself. Haricot beans are kind of cream colour – they are the beans in baked beans as well. Definately have more veggie stuff – veggie meals are hugely tasty and really great for you. And they don’t have to be as bland as fake meat.
      Get yourself some sweet potato! It’s really really good. You can definately do it – they are so good for you and are totally easy. Plus slow release energy (which is why I could eat them at all – unlike normal potatoes).
      900kcal breakfast sounds epic. Seriously. Breakfast foods are definately the nicest. Also, I totally brought those figs too though!
      Never had the regular belvitas but I reckon they are really awful. Don’t waste your time on them, just get a normal biscuit – obviously would be better.
      That’s a really good idea about the yogurt btw. I might try it, maybe. If I can get over liquid calories. I have to now because I brought some BANANA date and oat smoothie from M&S. I will have it this time. You’re right – it will be so good for me, and it is healthy. I just have to believe it’s worth it, which I struggle with.
      I haven’t tried weetabix with ready brek, but I DID have weetabix with honey and walnuts yesterday on your recommendation. I never put anything on my weetabix at all, so this was kind of hard – but sooo nice. You have some good combos. The crumpets were aces too x,.

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