the eats report #3.

So this week there haven’t been many good eats – I’ve been restricting way to much to have had anything particularly interesting apart from the stuff I already blogged about. I am getting back on track though so hopefully next week there’ll be loads of really great stuff. Mostly this week I’ve just had watery porridge and fat-free yogurt for breakfast and then really bland stir fry fried in water not oil (so more like stir-boiled). I did manage to get one nice dinner in though – I had home-baked ciabatta topped with spicy chorizo and fresh tomato sauce and that was really good. I never ever eat chorizo because I literally never eat sausages or pork in general and its so salty so there’s a water retention issue (though the dietician said it’s just a myth that salt makes you retain a load of water – apparently salt levels change day-to-day anyway and your body regulates it’s water levels just fine so it stays pretty stable). But anyway, it was kind of like bruschetta, but a pumped up calorie version and it was really great. Entirely terrifying but I think it might have been tasty. Always hard to tell though, so many different thought processes play into what foods I like that it’s hard to distinguish. I’m pretty sure it was good though.

The few other nice eats from this week include sweet potato falafels from waitrose – they are unbelievably nang (and I don’t use that word lightly). So good in sandwiches and wraps and ciabatta. Basically like sweet little falafel-y bites with raisins and carrot in and stuff. Definitely up there in the big recommendations. Oh and waitrose caramalised onion hummus. Basically I just really love waitrose. I’ve always thought they do the best hummus and this was no exception – and perfect with the falafels. I also had there channa masala as a massive panic dinner when I couldn’t handle the kitchen/cooking and that was really good too actually. Waitrose is definitely the nicest supermarket. All round thumbs up on the waitrose shopping.

Also this week the fam got some Belgique seedy loaf thing. Probably really expensive but definitely worth a trip to Wanstead. It’s really nutty and has just so much crust. All things are good things. Best bread I’ve had in ages (generally I can’t have nice loaves because they don’t come with set portions and nutritional info, but this was worth the hassle of finding the average of similar products to get an idea of calories and weighing out my slices). And I should add that I ate it with Norfolk Preserve blueberry jam from Emmerdale Farm Shop (represent!). Not really supposed to be eating this sort of thing though as I’m meant to be cutting back on fibre. This has meant that this week I’ve been tackling white bread! And you know what, it doesn’t make you starving hungry straight away like you didn’t eat anything. I’m no more hungry than when I eat seedy bread (though seedy bread is definitely better). It’s quite hard as it feels like it has no nutritional value or anything, but I’m still literally never hungry so it’s not making me feel out of control or anything. White sliced bread is still the worst thing, but Marks and Spencer white pita bread and home-baked ciabatta are definitely not even that bad. White bread isn’t as awful and scary as I thought. Still, swapping breads doesn’t bring my fibre intake down all that much – I’m still over double what you’re supposed to eat. Jeez…

Oh and yesterday I had possibly the most indulgent thing I’ve eaten in months – a pear, hazelnut and chocolate tart from Sainsbury’s. They came in individual servings and were only 229kcals so not that much over my allowance. I don’t even have to describe how hard this was to eat for me, but also I don’t think anyone would doubt how nice it was. Plus the boy’s gone to Macedonia so I can eat all the nuts I like.

My last really tasty thing this week is M&S banana, date and oat smoothie. I got some yesterday reduced and I drank some! Majorly terrifying as liquid calories really get me panicked, but at least I didn’t throw this one away – I actually had a serving. And it was really nice and actually more filling than I thought it would be – though again, with 8g of fibre a serving what do you expect? Why are all the best things so full of fibre? I really can’t understand how anyone manages to eat under 18g in a day – I’m lucky if I have under 55g and I’m trying so hard to get it down to 25g but it’s just impossible. I don’t get it.

The bad this week were really bad, but I don’t think anyone will ever even consider some of this edible or even food. Restriction foods are the worst thing ever. Porridge made with 20g oats, 50ml milk (only added so it looked milky to other people) and 200ml water – basically porridge soup it’s so liquid-y, but the idea is that all that water will fill you up for longer. Just plain as well, no sugar or jam or fruit or anything. Really hideous food, tastes so bland and horrible. Oh and watered down soup (again, to be more filling) with 1 small slice of dry, toasted diet bread. That’s a pretty awful meal. And anything fried using water instead of oil pretty much sucks as it just turns out mushy and tasteless. Add that to more green tea than you can possibly imagine and you basically have my entire days food.  It got quite bad on some days – under 600kcals. The food you eat when you eat that little is disgusting – it’s the reason I believe that all diets are stupid because what is the point? The lows of this week were pretty low food wise, as you can tell. I can’t believe how long I lived of this rubbish for. Still, the amount I’m eating now does still feel really indulgent and overwhelming, but hopefully it’ll normalise soon.

Last but not least, I have a question for you all – tasty foods which are low in fibre, but still quite satisfying anyone? Because I can never think of anything… Dietician says cut back but I just can’t think of anything that isn’t full of fibre to eat. Hmm…



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4 responses to “the eats report #3.

  1. Sam

    Have a good old fashioned roast, I know you are great at making them.

    As you know my daily intake of fibre is seriously low, I mostly eat white bread sandwiches, crisps and white pasta. We should swap for a couple of days a week to even each other out.
    I’ve been trying to eat dried fruit but it isn’t that interesting for me, any other suggestions?

    • Roasts have loads of fibre for me! Vegetables and brown rice (don’t eat potaotes). I had roast today and it was 5g! That’s so much.
      Shall I tell you what I ate today – 40g of fibre without my snack. Just eat loads of vegetables. Banana, date and oat smoothie is the best one – 8g. But also you get fibre in everything like hummus and falafels and peanut butter and cereal and biscuits and cakes and everything. Today I haven’t even had a fibre full day really – it comes from the fruit and nuts in my yogurt at breakfast, plus wholemeal english muffin and peanut butter (smooth as well you know) – 8g just at breakfast. Then apple and horrible belvitas makes 4g. So by lunch I was only 6g off the target! Lunch was 7g and I had white bread but with salad and fruit and falafels and hummus. Basically everything has fibre see? How do people not get enough. If you have like any fruit or carb or veg you get at least a gram.
      Dried fruit is the bomb though – how is it boring? Cut it up, put it in yogurt and cover it in honey and BOOM – taste sensation. Same old advice though – fruit, veg and wholegrain carbs (I even eat wholegrain crisps!). Also, innocent veg pots have up to like half your recommended daily amount. Beans and pulses are really high fibre too so lentil curries and bean stews and stuff. The channa masala I had was 22g so chickpeas are good. But remember, more fibre means more water too

  2. this made me smile. a lot! :)xx

  3. waitrose = LOVE!!! im totes with you on that, in fact im planning a trip with the mumatron this evening! i love me some waitrose time :-)

    I get scared of liquid cals too, i havent quite conquered them yet, but i will… shop bought smoothies are the biggest fears, i cant quite get my head round the idea of something that is gone in a couple of slurps being so high cal… it freaks me out!

    but yeah, watery porridge was something ive had ALOT of. and it doesnt even taste good, its like “oh yes, im having a good filling breakfast” ….NOT! i still struggle to make it properly even when i try with milk, i just dont know how to make it without it turning out all liquidy!

    Good luck with this week, remember every day is a new opportunity. look to the future, dont dwell in the past :-)

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