So I know I generally do an eats report on Sundays and I try to keep up another post a week on general progress, but this week I don’t really think I have it in me. Things have been really difficult mentally and my team are trying to get me more support and things so there is no need to worry (obviously more support is an absolutely terrifying prospect as that could mean anything but I’m trying to be hopeful). I’ve just been relying on support communities rather than my own initiative right now. And the boy. He’s been fabz. He told me that I’m not blank anymore and that feeling like this is better than being blank. I don’t know. I’m rambling a bit. But basically, right now I’m ducking out of my usual blogging activities as I don’t want this to be a space for negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings and I don’t want to focus so heavily on my own life. Trying to ignore everything and just get through till my appointments. Hopefully this will pass and I’ll be back. Have to keep trying to remember that I don’t want to be blank. I don’t, do I? Argh. My head is a mess. I’m a disaster zone. Sorry for being a flake.


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  1. dont apologise hun. youre doing what you need to do… hang in there and LISTEN TO THE BOY. they talk sense sometimes! :-p
    more often than not its been the wise (albeit sometimes unknowing) words of my boy that have made me push forwards when things are feeling crappy…
    I hope everything goes ok and message me if you need a friend. i can relate…
    take care of you xxx

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