the eats report #6.

This is so late it’s ridiculous. I’ve had a ton of uni work I’ve been struggling with and have essentially been a moody mood and pretty negative most of the time. However, although this is seriously belated, I’ll give you some of the particularly good bits.

I’ll start with Hallowe’en. Basically, I ate pumpkin at every meal. TescosI think still have culinary pumpkins and you should definitely try them. As they bake they smell so sweet and a bit like candy and it’s really nice – the whole house smelt so lovely. They are a whole load sweeter than butternut squash and completely excellent. Breakfast consisted of pumpkin pie porridge – oats, milk, pureed pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger, pecans and maple syrup. Oh my gosh this was so lovely. It was all warming and sweet and wholesome. Porridge is one of my favorite foods because it is just so versatile. Making pumpkin puree is a bit of a faff, but well worth it. This porridge was really lovely. For lunch I made pumpkin and chilli soup. I used a ton of paprika so it was blood-red and toasted some cumin seeds to sprinkle in for a little bit of earthy crunch. It was very very spicy, but I love spicy food so itwas the desired effect. Pumpkin makes serious soup. Plus it was miles better than just buying one as it was so warm and spicy and sweet. My dinner was pumpkin risotto. For this I just used pumpkin cubes as if it was butternut squash. Probably less good than butternut as it got more watery and was a littletoo sweet, but still tasty. I make a bloody good risotto I swear, but this could be improved on. For my snacks I made a pumpkin loaf cake with the rest of the pumpkin puree I made. It took ages in the oven but came out all moist and sweet and spicy. Very tasty. It’s a little like ginger parkin, but less dense. Pumpkin cake is something everyone should try. I recommend it to you all entirely. It’s just super goo-ey and nice, plus so good for you. Basically, pumpkin is great and worth getting if you haven’t yet. It probably won’t be there much longer so get some while you can. Also on Hallowe’en, I had a spooky gingerbread George from Costa. This was less good as I like chewy gingerbread and this was hard, but still festive so definitely better than any other possible choice.

Pumpkin Pie Porridge

Pumpkin and Chilli Soup

Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin Bread

What next? I’m going to go with almond butter. I finally got some more after my major freak out. Trust me, if you haven’t tried it, you really should. It’s really creamy and rich, and makes for seriously tasty porridge. Packed full of healthy fats and protein, it’s perfect for a weight gainer like me! On toast or on teacakes or in porridge or in yogurt or with banana or apple or on cereal. Literally, almond butter is really great. Nut butters in general are great but me and almond butter are having some serious love right now. It is quite expensive but nuts are where I get the majority of my fat from so are really important in my diet, so any way to add some more is good. Very tasty stuff and worth the money if you ask me.

Dried fruit, yogurt, honey and almond butter porridge!

Also, I really really love honey right now. On everything. Multiple times a day. I get through a jar a week by myself. It is the only way to sweeten anything in my opinion. Plus there are so many different types. I had some honey made in Croydon the other day and it was so clean and flowery. Oh my gosh. It’s the perfect thing. I know I’ve been having honey for a while now, but recently it’s got really crazy. Honey everywhere. Everything is sticky. Sticky but good.

Next is gingerbread lattes. These are by far the best lattes. I love them so much. The woman is Costa said they were “too spicy” and “very particular” – She didn’t like them much obvs. I on the other hand think they are the best thing. Every time I get them I have a really happy day! They are just too nice. They make me smile a lot and I don’t care if that’s weird. Seriously – have one. Have lots and lots actually. They are my all time favorite at the moment.

I know I mostly like veggie foods, but this week I’ve been having a small amount of meat – King prawns to be precise. I made two serious dinners – sweet chilli stir fry and chilli pasta. The prawns were really yummy actually. Plus prawns are so healthy – low-fat, high protein, all round good. I don’t use them too much because they are kind of salty (obvs – they are from the sea!) but the dietician assures me that salt really isn’t bad for you. It’s only bad for you if you have high blood pressure or are at risk of it. For healthy, normal weight, active individuals with normal (or incredibly low like me) blood pressure, it’s fine to eat a ton of salt. Government guidelines are rubbish. Plus salt does not make you retain water – you have kidneys to help you regulate water levels. You will only retain water for like half a day and that really isn’t much water. Also, low sodium diets are terrible for your health so eat salt – it’s totally great. I still struggle with this though, but I think it went ok. Sweet chilli sauce is something I never let myself have either (all sugar and calories), so the stir-fry was a particular treat.

King Prawn Sir Fry

King Prawn Pasta

On the suggestion and eats of others, I finally braved it and got a Blackfriars flapjack from Holland & Barrett. They are like 500kcals eat so totally out of my comfort zone. I picked the bakewell one and had it as an evening snack one night. Now I’m going to get them again so I can keep tasting these serious delights. It was tasty as. Entirely huge and completely filling but so so good. It was a lot to deal with though. Plus lots of fat and sugar and stuff but I don’t care because it tasted like a serious delight. I enjoyed it immensely.

Partially Eaten Blackfriars Bakewell Flapjack

Also! I WENT OUT FOR DINNER! To Le Pain Quotidian in Tottenham Court Road with the mama and the boy. The others didn’t really like their choices but mine was seriously good. I ordered a little off menu, but only because I hate cheese. I had a roasted vegetable salad with lots of haricot beans and I didn’t ask for the dressing on the side so there was so much and I didn’t really know how much, and it came with two pieces of really nice bread. Then, I even had dessert – granola, fruit and yogurt parfait. So tasty. This was really exciting for me. I haven’t had a meal from any type of restaurant for so long (excluding Spain holiday, but I didn’t have a choice and hated every second of it). I loved this so much.

Oh and in Tesco they have these Choka-Blok ice-creams. There’s a peanut butter nutter one which is obviously peanuty, but also chocolatey and caramelly. It is beyond good. And also quite cheap for ice-cream. Ice-cream is amazing and this one is top of my list so far. Nom nom nom. I haven’t let myself have it yet because of the calorie content but I got it this week and I’m so glad. Ice-cream of champions.

That moves me on to yesterday. Yesterday was a bit of an eating catastrophe, but I did something ridiculous (for me). For the first time in months, I brought myself chocolate. Then for the first time in three weeks, I ate chocolate. It was really late and I was so behind on my calories and away from home so the boy brought me an M&S Swiss Milk Mountain bar. It has nougart and honey in. It’s like a toblerone but much much better. I didn’t have it all (I gave well over half away) but I did have 3/8 of it and I enjoyed every bite. It made me feel kind of normal. Everyone else was getting chocolate, and I could too! I did the same thing and I ate something unplanned and out of the house and out of my comfort zone. It made me feel really positive actually. I did get the urge to reactive eat though, which I haven’t had for so many months that it is pretty terrifying for me, but I just ate something I’m more comfortable with and it was fine. All in all, this was a lovely thing to have.

I also fancy displaying the most super of the porridges and most epic of granolas. My calories are still pretty sporadic so my evening snacks are still way too huge. The biggest porridge yet came with all the fruit, nuts, yogurt and honey. Really good stuff. Then the epic granola with plum, banana, honey, nuts, yogurt and dried cranberries. Both of these were overflowing from the bowl. Ah well – Guess I need bigger bowls.

Overflowing Porridge

Overflowing Granola

This is getting really long as I’ve not done this in ages. Sorry. Two more things. First, Sainsbury’s popping candy chocolate spread. Really fantastic. It makes your throat crackle and is really nice spread on muffins. Sainsbury’s do a whole plethora of spreads. They have a coconut chocolate spread and a chocolate chip peanut butter spread. I will eventually have them all but this is the first on my list. I have way too many things in jars as it is, but there will be more. I think the best food comes in jars.

And lastly – Waitrose raspberry brioche tetes. Like brioche jam donuts. Best breakfast food I’ve tried in ages. Serious recommendation for all.

Raspberry Brioche – Looks Stupid but Completely Tasty Inside

I don’t know if you can really tell from this, but I’ve been challenging myself with food a lot lately. Trying to get out of the slump I’m in. Hopefully there’ll be even more great food soon. There are so many good foods I am yet to try.



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5 responses to “the eats report #6.

  1. Love this post! So much to comment about!

    Honey – YES YES YES! I love honey. I’ve just had some on crumpets (winner), love it on toast, in porridge, in tea (try it if you haven’t already), or just straight out of the jar. Yum.

    I loved your Pumpkin day, that pumpkin loaf cake sounds really good, did you make the recipe up or is it on line? And since you’re the risotto pro, I’d like to ask what’s your secret?! I really need to learn how to cook, and I rely far too much on ready meals because I’m a bit scared of cooking food that won’t taste like crap but I love risotto – so any words of wisdom for a beginner?!

    I missed Gingerbread George, but can highly recommend Trevor Tree – he was chewy and lovely :)

    King prawns are another favourite, especially when they’re cooked well and not overdone and chewy. Give King Prawn with linguine a go, that’s a favourite of mine with cherry tomatoes and chilli.

    Congratulations on your meal out! That’s brilliant news I’m so pleased for you. Were your Mum and boyfriend proud? I bet it was lovely to be out and about with them and feel comfortable eating in a restaurant again :).

    I’ll leave it there or my comment will be longer than your post, but just wanted to say well done you’ve taken some pretty big steps out of your comfort zone x

  2. Eve

    Nom! Porridge is certainly the best!! It’s so verisitle!
    I wish I could have some pumpkin! – it’s difficult to use the kitchen and cook things in halls. I’d love to experiment with it though! I’ll have to wait until next year, it’s a shame we don’t get it in tins here like in the US!
    Honey is brilliant! Mine’s all crystalisied because rooms really cold though so I had to put the hairdryer on it!
    Great with the flapjack! Everytime I go to HB I see them and always want one – I like the Trek flapjacks and the one’s in the Graze boxes – flapjacks are amazing! I think I love oats in general they are so filling and healthy!
    I’ve fallen in love with cashew butter! Will run out soon, I’ll try the almond butter next! I can’t believe how nice nut butter is! The texture is definately amazing! Is almond one by Meridian?
    And yay for gingerbread men! I had one yesterday to get back up with my intake – it was lovely – Asda’s own :) x

  3. HANDS UP WHO LOVES SALT!!?!?!!!! (umm, that wud be me….)
    seriously. i love the stuff… i have always had salt on food cos my family naturally have low blood pressure so the doc was always fine about it. i use the best maldon sea salt, so i dont feel bad… its natural right?! and i dont eat alot of ready made, processed foods so i dont think im doing any harm by sprinkling a bit of the good stuff on my food :-p

    Good work on having what looks like some pretty EPIC tasty foods. you are such a star, please come and kick me in the ass so i can get my act in gear… i feel like such an idiot for not being able to EAT dammit. especially when theres so much yummy stuff to try, why wont i let myself have any??? Soooo frustrating. but ill get there, just have to get past this blip that ive been knocked into….
    big thumbs up for you tho, you rock :-)

    • Eve

      Salt is good! I only discovered just over a week ago that it had no calories – it is just sodium – I should have realised lol! I think I may add it to things! So far I’ve just used it when making a bread roll! xx

      Oh and I really won’t to make a risotto!

  4. justwanttolivemylife

    Wow yummy again! Wooo the brioches are fantastic aren’t they! I often have on as a Sunday morning brekkie :D

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