So I think some people might hate this post, but I also think its part of an actual problem when it comes to human beings, especially those with eating disorders. I don’t even think it’s just a body image thing either because I think a lot of it for me was based on what I had achieved rather than whether it looked good. But anyway I’m going to put a big trigger warning all over this because I can see how it could be ridiculously triggering. I like to think that it won’t, and I know this makes me feel better and could have saved a lot of tears, but none the less…

TRIGGER WARNING – This is basically going to talk about clothes sizes. Over and over again. And my size. If you’re not comfortable and happy with your size right now, it may cause you some upset, though it may do just the opposite. I duno. But it’s going to involve lots of numbers.

So anyway, I went clothes shopping yesterday. I’m pretty glad about it really. I know it must seem like all I do is clothes shop, but I don’t really. I’ve (obviously) grown out of a lot of my clothes. I think I’m going to sell like 8 pairs of jeans and trousers, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts and 1 dress. It’s a lot of clothes, lots of which are really bloody nice and are in really good condition. I spent good bloody money on those clothes just to have to get rid of them and it’s sad really. It’s also meant that I’ve been without both basics and statements. Until yesterday, I literally didn’t have any standard jeans or trousers. I have great striped jeans and fabz patterned leggings, but I’ve lost 3 pairs of chinos, my blue jeans, my grey jeans, my black and grey striped cropped trousers, my black jeans etc. I still owned more trousers than your average person, but how I look matters a lot to me and I’ve always had a whole load more clothes than I should really.

No joke of a lie, this is actually the label in on the the pairs I’m selling. They’re Topman and used to belong to the Ex. Trust me, they are actually really triggering. Being bigger than the Boy was really hard for me and I hate that I don’t fit these now. To be fair though, I don’t think they’d fit him anymore either, but still, massive trigger jeans lolz.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to get any more big clothes items till after summer seeing as I’ve replaced two pairs of shorts and grown into two old pairs and I really don’t lose all that much from the skirts seeing as they weren’t basic and I have a whole loads of skirts anyway. The dress is just sad seeing as it’s my Auntie’s old dress from the ’60s. She is very, very short and did that whole tiny ’60s lady thing. I have a lot of her old stuff, most of which still fits great and its excellent clothes. I’m babbling again. So yer, I was just gonna stop seeing as I live off benefits and the fam are feeling a lot less wealthy right now and we’re scaling back a lot (both the parent’s work in the public sector, plus the Ma recently took a lower paid position seeing as she hated being a head teacher), but then I saw the summer sales and realised that actually, I could get identical plain jeans and chinos now and for half the usual price, plus with student discount, which I’ll probably lose before the next round of sales. And also, it’d make me happy to have the basics down so I can actually wear everything I own again. I have serious shopping guilt, but the fam put some money in seeing as I actually had to grow, so had to get rid of a lot of clothes, plus I figured I’m on benefits because I’m deemed unfit for work. Really, I should be spending this money on things that celebrate getting healthier and make being healthy easier. And I’ve quit smoking so have lots more money than I’m used to. So I trawled the internet, looking at all the jeans and chinos in various sales, picking out the ones I liked from various shops then headed out to the shops to try them on. In an ideal world, I would buy them online, but it’s not an ideal world and sizes are a mess.

I know my measurements. I don’t know all of them anymore so I couldn’t tell you the diameter of my thighs or anything, but I know my basics – inside leg, hips, waist, bust. I also know what size that makes me. Due to my new-found waist, I firmly believe I’ve got a pear shaped body as my bust is a 6, but my waist is an 8 and my hips are closer to an 8 than a 10 in fairly standard measurements, but I could probably wear either size. However, the width of my shoulders means I don’t look all that pear. In fact, I look incredibly boxy. My shoulders have always meant that fitted tops are a no go seeing as my bust and shoulder measurements do not match up. But anyway, seeing as I refuse to wear anything labelled with a 6 and I may have some weight gain in me yet, I go for 8 on top, 10 on bottom which makes sense. Or so I thought anyway.

There are lots of nice clothes shops out there. Lots and lots. I really like Uniqlo for instance and I think they’re jeans are actually a really decent material and are super comfy. I also like some of the designs and colours of River Island chinos. In fact, there are lots of shops, many of which are really great and most of which are having boomtingz sales at the moment.

I already don’t buy anything with a fitted waist at H&M. They’re sizes are stated as smaller than most other shops, though in reality, they’re clothes run such a variety of sizes that it’s impossible to tell. I have a pair of jeans from there that are a 10 and quite tight so I wanted some new ones. I thought I’d go for the same jeans in a different colour, but the sizes in that batch are way different and confusing and I couldn’t be bothered. When I bought those size 10 jeans though, I was a 6 in Topshop so go figure. Still, I can just about still wear them so I guess it’s no real loss. The joys of stretcy denim.

After trying on jeans and trousers in a few shops, I came to the conclusion that you know what? It’s not worth it. I’m purely going to buy fitted trousers from Topshop. I know what clothes fit me there, plus they’re clothes tend to be designed to fit boyish figures better and I’d consider my figure boyish as I’m definitely not curvy. All in all, it’s less traumatic because I know the sizing there well. I’ve been buying trousers there since school times so have quite a good idea of how my body fits their clothes at various weights and sizes. The fact that I’m buying clothes that are labelled as larger than I would in other shops doesn’t bother me too much as when thinking of my measurements, they’re labels seem reasonably true to size, which is something of a miracle in  clothes shopping today. In fact, I didn’t get upset or worried or anything because it wasn’t a palava. I didn’t have to go back for a new size or anything. It was great. No drama.

I buy a lot of second-hand clothes so I’m pretty aware of the fact that sizes have been getting larger. A ’80s size 12 is a small 10/large 8 by today’s standards. Even so, most shops have size guides and most size guides are about the same measurements, give or take a few inches, so there really shouldn’t be that much difference between shops. Vanity sizing has pretty much thrown this idea out the window. I’ve gone to shops and found things that should fit too small, gone home and cried about it (during weight gain), and gone to shops and found things that should fit too big, gone home and cried about it (that’s recovery for you – you’re actually sad you haven’t grown into normal people sizes yet). I’ve done a lot of crying because of size diferences, but it’s not just the emotional silliness that comes with labels, but it’s actually completely impractical. Men’s sizes are somewhat easier I imagine as they tend to come in inches, though I guess the S, M, L sizing must be a pain, but they have that for women too. In some shops, a M is a 10, which is stupid seeing as the UK average is like a 14 or something, which would make the average woman an XL. In other shops though, it’s completely different and a 10 is an XS, which makes more sense, but is really confusing. So anyway, to stop myself getting worked up over sizing, I did some research on to vanity sizing and how it works.

Vanity sizing is essentially when you label things as smaller than they are so that when someone tries it on, they feel better about themselves as they fit into a smaller size than they thought they were. So you label something as a 12, a woman who is a 12 tries it on, but it’s way too big and she think “yuss! I’m slimmer!” and gets a 10, feels good about it, so in theory is more likely to shop there again due to the morale boost they get from smaller sizes. I see why this could be a nice thing, but to me, it’s the opposite seeing as I actually want to stay a reasonable size and find it hard to work out if I actually am. Plus I’m still on the small side so I can’t go down that many sizes as they don’t stock them. I also think it’s kinda patronising as it suggests women care more about their size than how easy it is to shop and the many returns they have to give if they don’t try stuff on. Some shops do it worse than others for sure, and it’s not the only issue with sizing out there.

Basically, the cheaper the shop, the more likely it is for their sizing to run small. I think this is likely to be true. H&M sizes are stated as smaller than most shops and I know that Primark jeans always seem to run smaller than other shops. Even at my lowest weight, their size 6 jeans were snug, when others were falling off. This is because fabric costs money and using less of it will up profits. So essentially, if you shop somewhere cheaper, expect to maybe need a bigger size than usual.

Sizes tend to run closer to true in shops aimed at younger women. In my experience, this is entirely right. Topshop and New Look and Urban Outfitters all seem to run pretty true to my measurements, whatever size I’ve been, though Urban Outfitters can also run a bit big. In Topshop, whenever I’ve taken my waist measurements to buy trousers, the exact measurement fits. Urban Outfitters tend to label as S, M, L, but you can check their size guide online and it does pretty much match up. Sizes run larger as target customers’ age. In my experience, River Island runs around a size larger than Topshop, Uniqlo (and apparently Zara) bigger still, with Next and M&S topping the size charts. I still struggle to fit M&S clothes as they don’t stock many 6s and the ones they do are still pretty loose. I am not a 6, yet M&S tell me I am. They were also the first shop I noticed I’d grown out of (I don’t shop in Next), swiftly followed by Uniqlo. However, at least I’m too big for the smallest Uniqlo jeans now (which makes me sad seeing as I loved mine so much and never got to wear them as I was always too small and now I’m too big. eBay time I guess). This is apparently because as women get older, they want to stay the same kinda size they’ve always been, but obviously babies, menopause and such changes body shape and often weight. The idea is that as you move through the market as you age, you don’t get disheartened or whatever. The labels and size guides may give you the exact measurements for each size, but what’s actually on the hanger gets further away from those measurements as the target customer ages.

The other variable is region. American brands run large, regardless of the audience. Apparently this is purely because the American population are larger than the population here in Europe. Gap is the worst apparently in the U.K.. I don’t shop in Gap, but their size 6 (labelled as an American size 0) is apparently more like a 10, so if I were to shop in Gap, I’d still be a 0 in jeans, which is ridiculous because I’m not, or a 00/4 in tops, which is even more ridiculous. Honestly, I read an article today which had a 34 inch waist man wearing a UK size 6 skirt because it was so big. European brands apparently run smaller than in the UK as we’re larger here than on the continent. I think this is true with H&M and also true when you’re abroad, but the other big European brand (Zara), runs bigger IMO.

And all of this before you get the standard deviations from size found in different cuts, materials, normal errors and such in production, and standard design mistakes.

I know I probably find this disheartening for all the wrong reasons, but I really do. Shopping online is a stupid idea seeing as all the sizes are so different that you never know what you’re going to get and unless you really know the brand, it’ll probably be wrong. What annoys me is that I’ve put a lot of work into being a healthy size and I’d like to think that although I may have to gain some more, I’m still a healthy size. I don’t like the fact that I can go into shops and they’ll tell me that my hard work isn’t doing enough. I know that isn’t true, but it feels like it. I hate that I’m now a healthy BMI, yet M&S is still a bit of a no-go shop for me. It shouldn’t be. It’s so disheartening to pick up a pair of trousers in the smallest size, only to find you’re still too small. Equally though, it’s horrible to put on your normal size, only to find you need two sizes bigger. Honestly, right now, I range from a 4 to a 10 (maybe a 12 or 14, but as I’ve said, I stay away from shops that make me feel bigger), which is ridiculous. And confusing. And also, seeing as I refuse to buy any tops smaller than an 8 or any jeans smaller than a 10 purely because I know I shouldn’t be that small, it’s prohibitive and annoying.

So anyway, I ended up in Topshop, as I always do. I picked up two pairs of chinos (one beige, high-waisted pair to replace a yellow high-waisted pair, one navy, mid-rise pair to replace my dusty pink ones) and a pair of standard blue, Baxter skinnies to replace some low-rise Miss Selfridge skinnies from third year. They are all size 10, all a little bit big (especially the high-waisted ones), but all very much wearable and I do own belts. I wonder if I should have got them in an 8 seeing as I do still fit my 8 skinnies, but in the end, I’m glad they’re a bit big as I’m less self-conscious about myself that way, plus I have room to grow if I need too (and I can still wear the 8s if I want to go for that skin-tight-I-look-buff look). They fit exactly the way they should, given my measurements and what I’m after. And they all look great. I think they’re all practical items actually, espeically the mid-rise chinos the low-rise Baxters. Chinos with brogues, literally any top and a boyfriend fit blazer always makes for a half decent, no effort outfit. Plus low-rise skinnies make any casual day outfit more respectable as you can pull on a super cosy, massive charity shop jumper with them and not look like a giant sack, you can wear anything untucked without looking like you have a lumpy growth on your belly, and the lack of tuck ability means that you never end up looking too smart accidentally. Plus I won’t lie, I already own mid-rise, boyfriend fit skinnies (actually the Ex’s actually. Same size jeans, different cut). Boring, but versatile wardrobe stables. I’m really glad that I’ve actually achieved fully functioning wardrobe now. Effectively, anything I buy from here on in is added extras (like the dinosaur t-shirt the Ma got me for finishing my NHS Stop Smoking course. Yuss!)

However, I’m sad that I had to stick to one, standard shop. I’d like more options, but it’s too complicated and too hard and this way, I know what I’m getting. I really want to get these shorts off eBay, but although they’re only 99p and right close to the end of bidding, I won’t, seeing as I’ve never tried on Armani jeans (the owner customised) and the size is a mystery. She says 29 inch waist, size 8, but those two statements contradict each other (unless they’re mens jeans). In theory, that’s a 10/12. Just saying.

Now at least I can finally wear all my lovely tops and t-shirts again without looking stupid. Fucking clothes sizing.



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11 responses to “vanity.

  1. You’re a similar shape/size to me. I would be a 6 on top, but I also refuse to wear it, also for lack of womanly features reasons, and shoulders. I find I bulk out though, muscle wise very fast. Hence, I actually have a bum now. I hate clothes sizes, it’s freaking difficult to get anything that freaking fits properly. Sometimes I feel like I have to wear padded bras just so clothes look right. I also have the problem whereby the neckline seems to come down too far on an 8. Like seriously, who has breasts that far down? I’ve had a kid, and mine dont! Ha.
    I think this is a good post, it hilights how crap shops are. I wish I could afford to get all my clothes tailored, and I hate internet shopping, but I’ve clung to that in the past. Just for the fact I was freaked out with actual clothes shopping.
    I still also need to get rid of my smaller clothes/sell them. I haven’t bothered looking at them since I boxed them away because I know I’ll start getting all “stupid” about it. Also, I know I’ll get slightly annoyed at the person who buys it, who can now fit into my old clothes which I felt I worked hard to get into.
    But, that’s just me, I guess.
    I’m still scared of skinny jeans, despite the fact I used to love them. I’m just scared for sizing reasons I guess.
    I hardly think much about my shape, until I need new clothes, then I start freaking out. Especially if I’ve decided there is something I really want to wear and I can’t get the thing to fit right.
    You’ve hilighted some important things in this post, so I don’t know why you were worried! :)
    Hugs lovely xxx

    • I dream of muscle. At least not in the arm department. I’m am genuinely the weakest person I know and always have been. It’s shameful really. I really desperately want to build back the muscle I lost to ED as I worked my arse off to actually get strong then ruined it all. I’m not even going to consider time at the gym until I’ve actually got my period back though as I need all the fat tissue I can get.

      I defos have to wear padded bras just so clothes fit. It’s annoying. And you’re right about howw low cut it can be. If you actually fit the top, it doesn’t seem so bad. When people moan about having a small chest I always seethe. Not many girls have as small a chest as me and all I think is “All I could ever want is a B. All I’d ever need is an A”. Grr genetics. I’m the same though in that I don’t really notice on my day to day. Ok so I do think “oh no belly” most days, but then I get on with life – unless I have to buy clothes. Then it’s a whole day of “oooh I don’t know. Why is my body like this. Oh it’s not good. Oh blah blah blah.” Not fun.

      I wasn’t going to sell my clothes for exactly that reason, but then I thought that’s why ebay is great. You never have to see the person who gets them or know whether it fits them and chances are, you’ll never physcially see them like you might if you donate your stuff. Maybe they’re only 11 – you have no idea!

      Skinny jeans are my really versatile. Sometimes they’re a bit “eek” inspiring, but actually, they are just useful to own. Get them whilst the sales are still on! Or wait till the next sales. Literally everything looks good with skinny jeans.

      Love x.

      • I bought some jeggings, figured I would wear them, then buy skinny jeans lol. Im such a wuss.
        I hate when one of my friends tells me she is so flat chested, even though she has a clevage, I never have enough to do that, no matter what bra I wear.
        Pregnancy made mine worse, which sucks. They usually, in most women, stay bigger afterwards, me? No, they got even smaller! They were huge mind when I was breastfeeding (it was one of the reasons I did it haha) and went up to a C cup, was absolutely gutted when they disappeared.
        I’ve thought about getting them Jordanified, but I would want natural looking ones, and they are way more expensive, I doubt I’d be able to afford them.
        I should get my clothes on ebay, do need more money, also my child has decided to grow of late and she could do with clothes. I’ll have to take her on an incredibly girly shopping trip.
        This is the one reason I love H and M, kids clothes, seeing my little one wear such awesomely trendy “vintage” style clothes makes me smile, a lot. :D
        As for the building muscle, my treatment team are all for strength building type exercise. I know some websites etc say “no exercise whatsoever” but my team were pretty encouraging in doing strength type stuff before my period came back, then they said I could do “cardio” if I wanted, but I hate cardio anyway.

  2. Haha! Snap (shape) I have never really had boobs (I complain about mine now, because the ED took the ones I had, now I’ve sort of got some. Never needed a bra.) I have a long body and short legs, so clothes are a bugger for me. I have a problem with arms, as mine are long, so I can’t get long sleeved tops that fit round my middle…

    Also, used to be 6/8 on top and 12 at the bottom when I was at my largest. Stupid pair shape…

    Yeah, had to take a load of my clothes to the charity shop, I realised I was just starving myself back into them, also get paranoid about size/ fit. I used to wear children’s jeans (short legs =D), and get paranoid they were getting tighter…

    Haha! I rant about clothes, and get paranoid about sizing (I HAD to be a size 6 or less when I was disordered), though it’s relative, all manufacturers are different and that.

  3. Meg

    Firstly, the name of those jeans made me laugh!

    I think you may be my taller body double or something. I have narrow hips, and my shoulders are a lot wider than them. No boobs (< A) so probably 6/8 top (6 for the boobs, 8 for the shoulders and arms). Bottom is a whole 'nuther story! Because my hips are narrow, they are probably an 8, but my thighs explode with bigness so they're a 10-12.

    Ridiculous. Jeans are either too big on the waist and fit the legs, or fit on the waist and suffocate my legs – can't win! Topshop used to be the only jeans which fit me Pre-Ed but they don't seem to any more which is well annoying.

    I knew sizes differed, but didn't know they differed that much! Shame Next are bigger sizes, I just about fitted a 10 in there last week :(. I'm glad you made a good start on your new wardrobe missy, your stripy jeans are aces but you're right, they don't go with everything!

    I want to be rich and have all my clothes hand made to fit me exactly. Fancy it? xx

    • I have literally killer thighs I swear down. All my fat goes into my thighs and belly. I have literally no bum to speak of, no boobs (I don’t fit into an A cup either), yet I’m broad as anything. So irritating. It’s a rubbish shape, but I’ll deal with it I think. I have that problem with jeans as well, though especially with the bum bit. Baggy bum, fits round my hips/normal bum, tight round hips. Jeans are the worst I swear. It’s why Topshop is so good because they’re not designed for curvy girls.

      I could definitely be rich you know. I don’t think it’d phase me all that much. I could hack it.


  4. Emily Cooks Vegan

    I feel your pain, vanity sizing confuses me so much – and I’m always different sizes in different shops anyway!
    Topshop’s always been best for me though, you’re right, I think they like boyish frames as I’ve proportionally always fit into their clothes, regardless of whether I was a 4, 6, or 8.
    Glad someone else has the same problems, and I wish you all the best with recovery :) x

  5. I need to go holiday-shopping tomorrow and have been dreading it for weeks. I think its been more than half a year since Ive bought ANYTHING and I have now nothing that fits me anymore. I dont wanna do this, it’ll be a complete drama.

    I have very wide hips, and now a belly and legs too. Thats new. The hips not, the belly is. And I hate it. I do have a bit of a bum and I’ve grown back into my Acup again. But I hate my body. I want my pre-ED one back so badly..

    I think I’m now around a small 12 bottom and a small 10 top. I know I’ve grown so much bigger than the rest here. I hate it. Not the ‘bigger than you’ thing, but the bigger than every me thing. Its not the weight, my weight has sorta stabiized somewhere higher than my normal but not higher than ever, but I AM BIGGER than ever size/inch/shape wise.. WTF!

    I love you’re finding comfort with your body. I hate that I am not. That I am experiencing the opposite. I have no idea how to deal with this right now

  6. Consider a radical idea: that the measures that constitute given sizes are commensurate to a manufacturer’s target customer. By way of example, you say lines that target younger girls run “truer to size” -that’s because the average customer of that line is smaller. “American” clothing sizes run larger because “Americans” across the board are heavier. Etc.

    • I’m thinking about how the measurements stated on clothes and size guides and such are often different though, not purely how the sizing differs. Like on shop websites they have size guides and they’ll say X inch waist, X inch bust etc., but then the clothes in those measurements are actually larger. Like I can buy trousers in about 4 different waist sizes from 4 different shops. Even though my waist measurements haven’t changed. Does that make sense. It’s not annoying that the clothes are bigger, just that the measurements are different from what you’d expect and you get really confused. Argh x.

  7. Impressive analysis! I’m an american chick and I get such a laugh when I go to the gap and can’t wear anything at all because the 00 is too big. Then I walk across the street into H&M and am back at the “normal” 2 or 4ish, but sometimes in that store an american 6! Oh so funny. It’s complicated business!

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